Girls Guide: What to do when a puppet hits on you.

Girls Gude: What to do when a puppet hits on you. If you haven’t been following Ford’s new Focus Spokesman Doug, you have been missing out. Doug’s repertoire is your mom jokes, laying the smack down on convenience store robbers, saving lives, and letting his freak flag fly. Did I mention he is an orange puppet? The Ford team paired Doug up with his special human friend John and like all lovable partnerships they both would benefit from learning a little from the other. During their first week on twitter @FocusDoug and @FocusJohn were the recipients of my Follow Friday tweet. This was Doug’s response.

Focus Doug Twitter Flirting

How is a girl supposed to respond to this? Well, it may sound like a lovely date, but I’ve had past experience with forward puppets. They promise they can make your dreams come true, but before you know it you’re stuck all alone on Sesame Street hailing a cab as Oscar heckles you from the warmth of his trash can. Here are a couple pointers I have learned first hand from dealing with “Puppet Casanovas”:


1. Material is everything. Never say yes to a cheap puppet.
2. Never go home with a puppet unless you know whose hand has been in it.
3. Though you can’t see them, they do have pockets. Don’t let them skimp out on the check.
4. Don’t take a puppet home your parents have grown up with with. It’s just awkward.
5. Or you can follow this woman’s route and fight the crazy with crazy.


Thank you to Ford’s digital marketing manager, Jon Beebe, for seeing the power in social media and having the courage to push past the box of traditional advertising. I now have hope for a future where branded entertainment is entertaining.


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