What the Duck is that?


ride the ducks imageIt’s a boat! It’s a car! It’s a Duck Boat Car? Whatever. Apparently, there is a boat car, officially named for it’s military acronym DUKW (kinda sounds like Duck), which takes tourists into the Ohio River, then back out again on a tour of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. With all the flash flooding around Cincinnati, some of us could really use a duck car right now.

What most people don’t know, even if they’ve seen the notorious duck car boat, is that it was first built by General Motors in 1942 as a “truck enclosed in a water-tight shell.” It also carried in 40 percent of the supplies used when we stormed the beach of Normandy in 1944. Speaking of floods, the vehicle-“thing” more recently was used during Hurricane Katrina on rescue missions because of its versatility from land to water. Where can I buy one?

So as you drive around Cincinnati this week, remember that no matter how large and in charge your think your vehicle is, it is not a DUKW. It cannot float in a flood. Do not enter a watery street, even if it just looks like a fun puddle.

To get the full story behind the duck water land vehicle, check out this website.