The Unaffordable Pick Up: What’s a Guy to do?

From my house I can see the gas sign at UDF. $4.19. I repeat, $4.19. This led my man to look up his insanely awful gas mileage on his Nissan Titan: 12 MPG in the city, 17 MPG on the highway. His last fill-up was $94. But what else is he going to drive? At six foot, five inches and over 200 lbs., a car is simply impractical. Not to mention the truck has become the extended family and friends’ moving truck whenever anyone needs something. And, let’s admit it. That sense of feeling needed makes a guy feel validated.

So, the question is, what does a larger guy trade a truck in for when a car is out of the question (and gas is $4.19)? I suggested my one true love, the Ford Escape, which he quickly shot down as a “chic-mobile.” If we move to the bigger SUVs like his mother’s Explorer or my mother’s Toyota Sequoia, you get the mommy vibe. What’s a guy to do?