The Not-So-Smart Car?

During a recent trip to IKEA, we witnessed a train wreck disguised as a smart car jammed packed with two full-grown adults, and some long, yet-to-be-assembled piece of furniture.  The “vehicle,” as absolutely darling as it may be, was parked in the middle of a moving lane of traffic, trying to fit, pardon the phrase, ten pounds of “crap” in a five pound bag.

There are only a few possible reasons people pay for this prison cell type of torture:

Option One: They have no kids to haul, antique furniture to buy, or laundry to take to the cleaners. Because let’s admit it. The thing has absolutely no room inside, despite one researcher’s claim that he fit “13 gymnasts” inside one. That’s not only illegal but also strange…were the gymnasts two-year-olds?

Option Two: They simply could not resist the cutest car on the road. It looks like something I drove up and down my driveway with life-size Ken in the passenger seat when I was five. The cross between the Cozy Coupe and Barbie Jeep is just too cute to resist.

Option Three: They have a death wish, or are in denial that they are smaller than, say, every semi truck on the highway. However, aside from getting sideswiped on the highway, the safety ratings all reveal Smart Cars to be smarter than we all think. They are even equipped with “knee air bags” provided that you can squeeze your knees in there in the first place.

However, in spite of all this, the Smart Car is known for its incredible maneuverability, and can parallel park in a space meant for a child’s bicycle. Just don’t take yours to IKEA unless you only plan on buying a pack of Swedish fish at check out.