5 Tips for Road Trip Survival

Road Trip ImageSummer is right around the corner and with that comes long road trips. Wherever it is you go, chances are you will be driving to that destination, and boy can those drives be boring. I’ve driven 700 mile adventures all by myself, with a friend, and with my family and it seems that no matter what, there comes that point in the trip where you just wish you could teleport and get the heck out of the car. You know, that point where your legs start to cramp, you start to get restless, and the sound of your younger siblings breathing starts to get annoying. Long road trips can be boring, no matter where the end destination may be. Here are some things I have done that might help make your next road trip more bearable.

1) Sunflower Seeds
These are the perfect snack for a road trip. Not only are they a healthy alternative to most of the junk they sell in gas stations, they help keep you busy and awake. Just pop a handful in your mouth and go. I like to keep them in my cheek and move one by one under my teeth as I try to break the shell open, just make sure you pack an empty cup for the shells. These help to keep your mind off having to drive another 10 hours.

2) Music Playlists
Music is ESSENTIAL to not only a road trip, but also being in the car in general. About a week prior to my trip I will go through my entire music library and put together a playlist of my favorite songs from each album I have. By the time I make it through the nearly 8,000 songs, I end up with a playlist about 19 hours long which is plenty enough for the trip and about half the trip back. You can essentially drive the whole way without hearing the same song twice!

3) Friends
Going on a vacation with your family is always nice, once you get to where you’re going. The car ride there though is usually painful. Stopping every ten seconds to find a bathroom, listening to your parent’s music, and arguing with siblings. Solution? Plan a trip with your friends. My last trip to New Orleans was with 5 of my friends and even though we were all packed like a can of sardines in a small car, the car ride there was almost as fun as the actual time we had once we arrived. Same music tastes, talking about anything and everything, and stopping at weird rest stops to take crazy pictures. Having your friends with you on a long trip might be the best solution to battling the road trip blues.

4) Games
Bringing a board game in the car usually doesn’t work, and hauling a TV and video game system requires an expensive power converter and lots of space. For those of us who are not fortunate enough to take a car with built in TV’s and DVD players, we are left to our imagination and creativity to pass the time. The alphabet game, where each person competes to find the each letter of the alphabet somewhere outside the car (license plates not included) is a great game (until you get to the Q and X, those are so hard to find). The one who found the most letters wins (we usually play for the front seat).

5) Sleep
Note, be sure to not be the one driving when attempting this one. There is absolutely not better feeling than falling asleep somewhere in the middle of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and waking up at your destination. Somehow you’ve managed to turn an 8-hour drive in to what seems like a 5-minute nap. By far this is my favorite thing to do on a trip, however sometimes the hardest. You can never get comfortable, someone is always talking, and potholes smack your head against the window. Try some sleep aids and sleep that long boring trip away!


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