The Drive to Drive

Baby imageMy fifteen-year-old brother has nothing else on his mind except getting his temporary driving license. And making money to get it. And convincing people to take him places to practice driving. The appeal of driving your own vehicle to your own destination of choice is so intense that a childhood toy market makes bazillions of dollars off of our drive to drive. The Cozy Coop. The Barbie Jeep. [Insert your childhood “vehicle” of choice.] Everyone has their own version of their first driving experiences—whether they began at age 6 or 16.

Where does this deep-seeded desire come from? Obviously, our parents. Monkey see, monkey do. But maybe the drive to drive is much deeper than that. Us “grown-ups” take for granted hopping in our car and going to get a milkshake at UDF, or to head to the movies. But at some point in our lives, it was not so easy. We forget, daily, that driving was meant to be pleasurable while getting us from A to B. We forget that for every three grown-ups, there is one child who can’t yet drive but desperately wants to (US Census). So, if you are in that older 75 percent, grab your keys.

In honor of those too young to enjoy it, take a joy ride on this fabulous 85-degree day!