Are We There Yet?: The Classic American Roadtrip

road trip image80-degree days make it hard not to reminisce about treasured childhood road trips. From the beginning of the century, families have piled all their kids, dogs, and crap into the car and headed South. West. North. East. Whether your childhood memories involve your baby sister screaming in the backseat, or more pleasant memories like driving through McDonalds for the first time all year, the trips are hard to forget.

What compels us to escape our mundane realities? We seem to think that relocating to a humid beach will make all the problems and stressors disappear. However, as any family can attest to, sometimes the vacation creates, and even brings to light, all the silliest annoyances we love to hate about our families. Dad’s sloppy addiction to sunflower seeds. Mom belting out Celine Dion. Your little brother kicking the back of your seat…all 13 hours. Playing the 17th round of Eye Spy (do objects outside the car count?) and 20 questions, or the “Sign Game” and “License Plate Game.”

But, in the end, American families must be given a little credit—we relentlessly plan and execute a family vacation almost every summer. We roll the windows down, close our eyes (unless we are the unfortunate driver), and pretend that life’s struggles disappear further and further behind us with each passing mile.

If you have one of these pleasant experiences coming up this summer, treat your kids to some original time-passers.