Old-Fashioned Cones and Conversations

Summer nights mean eating melting ice cream cones in the front seat of the truck, and with that comes some of the best conversations of the year. Anyone with divorced parents remembers that in yester-year, one of the parents may have been awarded a custody schedule that involved and “every other Wednesday night” dinner or outing. This is where the front seat conversation tradition began in my life—with my Dad, eating ice cream on Wednesday nights. Whether the topic was where light posts come from, why baseball is on every single night, or if God is real, the truck was always the perfect backdrop for the conversation.

There is something about the front seat of the car that provides the perfect environment for philosophical conversations in lazy summer months. With the doors propped open or the windows down, and the seats angled close enough but not awkwardly facing each other, your own car can produce true bonding with your family or friends. It really doesn’t seem to matter whether you are on a long road trip, or sitting in your own driveway.

The next time you are looking for some old fashioned human connection, head to an old fashioned ice cream parlor and don’t waste the weather—the front seat or the tailgate make for ideal bonding conditions.