Traveler’s Guide to the 2011 Ford F150

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The Ford F-150 has been America’s best selling truck for the past 34 years. To many 34 years is a long time to so in order gain a full appreciation of how long ago 34 years is, let’s quickly review what was happening around the world in 1977: the world’s first computer was demonstrated at the CES in Chicago, Apple became incorporated, Elvis Presley dies at the age of 42 and Led Zepplin played their last concert in Oakland, CA. Though many fads have come and gone, and seemingly invincible governments have fallen one thing has remained the same, F-150.

F-150 has evolved quite a bit over the past few years to enhance the travelers experience. It’s enlarged back area cabin space allows up to 3 full size adults to sit comfortably side to side as well as offering plenty of leg from from the back seat to the front row. At 5’7 175 (not the biggest guy) I’m capable of sitting in one of the three backseats and fully extend my legs. Growing up as one of four space on our family vacations were a hard commodity to come by.

Ford’s engineers have also done quite a bit to improve the F-150’s EPA rated mpg. For most road traveler’s mpg is one of the more important statistics. With the new 3.5L V6 EcoBoost™ Engine  you’ll receive and increase in fuel economy while receiving more power and low-end torque than it’s 5.0L V8 counterpart. Another unique feature with the F150 is the under appreciated integrated tailgate step found at the top of the truck’s tailgate. This optional feature does wonder’s in helping access and retreat from the truck bed. Chcek out the video below as Lebanon Ford’s Jeff Cryder and Zach Bello explain and demonstrate the expansive interior space, the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost™ Engine, and the integrated tailgate step.

Lebanon Ford Travel Tip: There are many F-150 model combinations to choose from. However for the needs of the travel we suggest going with the F-150 Lariat equipped with the 3.5L EcoBoost Engine for improved fuel economy.  If your one who tends to embark on long distance road trips and we’d also suggest going with the Lariat Plus Package. Throw in the integrated tail-gate step and your set.

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