Traveler’s Guide to the 2011 Ford Escape

Try all you want. You can run. You can hide. But there is no escaping this one.



The 2011 Ford Escape.

(See the play on words there, you can’t escape the Escape… since the name of the car and the word escape, it’s like trying to escape from the car and… well, you get it)

There really is no escaping this vehicle. It’s everywhere, and for good reason. While the exterior of the Escape has remained pretty constant since its debut in 2000, the features and technology this car boasts are years ahead of others.

For example, the Ford MyKey system. This system allows parents of teenage drivers to set limits on certain things in the vehicle, such as the maximum volume of the radio and max vehicle speed. While this may upset your young driver, they’ll benefit later from having impeccable hearing and lower insurance premiums (you can’t get a ticket if you can’t speed right?).

The available 240-horsepower 3.0L Duratec V6 engine for Escape is a flex-fuel-capable engine. A flex-fuel engine is designed to run on standard gasoline or E85 alternative fuel.  E85 fuel is made of 85% ethanol (basically corn) and 15% conventional gasoline. Why choose E85? Well for one it burns cleaner than normal gasoline which is better for our environment, and ultimately better for everyone. So by using E85 you are doing your part to save the world. As of late it is also cheaper than normal gasoline. Saving the world with cleaner emissions and saving a few bucks at the pump? Yes please.

Now, how many times have you fallen in a body of water and then been forced to get in your clean vehicle with sopping wet clothes? Hmm, never? Ok so how about dirty, muddy shoes? Ok a few of you. Well Ford has listened to your cries and has included a Wet Storage Bin with the available cargo package on 2011 Ford Escapes. Situated in the trunk is a plastic bin that you can put your dirty shoes and dripping wet clothes (just be sure to pack some dry clothes to change in to…).

Lebanon Ford Travel Tip: As previously stated, put your dirty clothes and shoes in the wet storage bin to keep the inside of the car clean as you travel. Nobody likes to sit in a dirty car. This way, you can at least contain the mess in to one small area rather than the entire car.

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