Skip the Flight, Rent a Car…Right?


Rent a car imageThe big summer trip is all planned out, and you’ve even managed to avoid buying a plane ticket to your destination. But instead of piling your thirteen cousins into your minivan, you decide it will be much more practical to rent a vehicle. Just when you’ve thought you’ve made the most economical decision, it can come back to bite you—according to good old John Matarese’s report, Don’t Waste your Money…especially not on rental car fees.

The main problem? The taxes, and the “extras.” A $50 rental “with tax” he explains, can cost more like $70. In addition, tacking on another driver can cost from $13 to $30 per day, and if you ever, heaven forbid, lose the key, say goodbye to about eight tanks of gas ($375 ish).

Just when you thought you avoided the baggage fees of the airlines, you find out that companies such as Avis have charged you $1000 for returning your rental car in another location. Ouch. For the full report on not wasting your money this summer on rental car extras, click here.

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