Can We Take your Car? — Families battling Gas Prices

On the way out the door to drive somewhere more than ten minutes away, usually my little, gas-efficient car is requested. In spite of its 170,000 miles, it remains the smartest option almost every day, over Justin’s gas-guzzling truck, however more comfortable the truck may be.

In addition to choosing the littler vehicle, families seem to be carpooling more, and even combining forces by eliminating a vehicle entirely. According to the NY Times, 66 percent of families have cut back on their driving amount, and almost 50 percent have changed their vacation plans this summer.

What would sharing a car look like? A reduction in freedom, but an increase in savings. This seems to work for families that have a similar work schedule, such as two parents with a 9 to 5 job. It also seems much more doable with cell phones, to coordinate pick-ups and carpools. However, it would be a struggle for anyone with alternative schedules, stay-at-home parents, and those who could not physically find another way to get somewhere (such as cities lacking a bus system or people without bikes).

Do you think your family could combine to one vehicle?