5 Automotive Apps You Need to Download Now

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Not in 5 minutes. Not tomorrow. Right. This. Second. These are the best automotive apps that I’ve found yet. From saving money at the pump to keeping track of vehicle maintenance and fuel economy, these apps will help you stay informed about your vehicle health and help put a few extra bucks in your pocket. I mean, really, who likes wasting money? Most of these apps are free while some cost a few bucks, but in the end they’ll end up saving you money anyway. Definitely check these out and give them a try. I don’t know how I’ve gone without them.

1. Gas Buddy [free, Android and iPhone]
This has got to be the most used app on my phone for sure. This app uses your GPS location to find gas stations near you and shows you gas prices that other users have loaded to the app. You can also search by zip code if you want to see prices in other areas. This app is great because so many people use it, therefore prices are usually frequently updated.

2. G-Park [$0.99 iPhone]
How many times have you forgotten where the heck you parked your car? No more will you misplace it! Park your car, start up the app and your location will be pinpointed on a map so that you can easily make your way back to your car. It will even give you walking directions back to your car.

3. MotionX GPS Drive [$0.99 iPhone]
You can go out and dish out $100 for a GPS system, or you can get this app for just under a buck and get all the same features. Don’t let the price fool you, for the money this is simply the best GPS option out there. The app is constantly updated with new routes and seamlessly integrates your music app and contacts.

4. Min To Go [free, iPhone]
Nobody likes getting parking tickets from an expired meter. Save yourself and get this app and you’ll never forget how much time is left on your parking meter. Just launch the app and set how much time you put on the meter. Set how often you want reminders and that’s it. The coolest feature however is that it actually shows you as a push notification how many minutes you have left, all without even opening the app.

5. INRIX Traffic [free, Android and iPhone]
There is nothing I hate more than sitting in traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice to know before hand where traffic is and how you can avoid it? Look no further my friends, this app does just that, and it’s free. This app shows real time traffic data from the world’s largest traffic network. It will also tell you when the best to leave is based on the time you need to get somewhere (no more excuses for being late).

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