Men and their Babies…err, Cars

men love imageI was recently the accused of the completely outdated stereotype that it pains me to even write here—that women are worse drivers than men. My dear old Dad observed that the women in his life don’t treat their cars with the same loving, tender adoration as men. Specifically, women don’t seem to allow their vehicles to come to a complete stop before switching gears, resulting in a jerky transition from reverse to forward, and the like.

While I initially resented (jokingly) the stereotype, it got me thinking—Do women interact with their vehicles differently than men? In short, it seems so. Women (in general, now I’m stereotyping) use their vehicles for function, and they may happen to enjoy little features along the way, like a sunny day through the sunroof. Men, on the other hand, nurture their cars, tend to wash them more (only from personal experience), and care about things like how long the transmission might last if they are gentler drivers. Maybe the male car-coddling gene explains their attraction to sports cars like the Porsche 911, the vehicle with the highest percentage of male buyers, at 88 percent.

What other differences are there in men and women with their vehicles?