Get a Little Mud on the Tires–and on the Seats?

What happens when you are caught between function and prettiness of your vehicle? No car can truly be both. Either your truck is a workhorse or you get dressed up and pretend it’s a super high limo on date nights. How do you, without buying two separate vehicles, truly use your car without ruining it?

Example—A miniature tornado hits your house (true). Trees fall down everywhere (also true). You have to chop them down and throw them in your pick up, then get in your perfectly clean interior with sweaty, nasty, muddy clothes on (true dilemma). At this point you have a decision to make—do you not worry about it, thus ending up with a sweaty smelling interior, or do you take precautions, like seat covers or clean towels stored in the backseat? An entire merchandise movement has revolved around fulfilling this need—how to hide your tools in your prissy but useful truck, how to load a ton of things into a car that’s supposed to be small and streamlined, etc. What are your tricks?