Race Against the Clock–For What?

There’s a longstanding argument in Liberty Township over a universal issue—which way’s faster? Only a handful of residents can appreciate the argument of taking Yankee road (the “cut through”) or continuing down Cincinnati Dayton, to get to Princeton Rd. But every neighborhood has this same dilemma, [insert your own street names]. When we drive, why does time become so specific? It hasn’t been that specific since you waited for the bell to ring in high school to go home at 2:24 pm. On the road, saving thirty seconds by taking a driving “shortcut” is a great feat. On the other hand, getting stuck at a red light for three minutes is absolute robbery.

What if it only took three minutes for a pizza to be made? We can wait twenty minutes for that, but on the road, somehow we think three minutes can make or break a “successful” trip. People who have ever found themselves competing to beat their own driving time might understand—and they aren’t necessarily speeders. Nowhere else in life does time slow down like it does on the road.

What’s even more ironic is the little car you sped past when the last light turned green is now pulling up next to you—you got there no faster. So relax, and enjoy the ride. Nobody ever noticed the person who got there 36 seconds earlier.