Fly Your Car Above Rush Hour–By 2012

The future really is “now”. No, really. The company Terrafugia, who created the Transition (a flying car!), is about to make them available to the public. In just a short year and a half, the rich Americans will be soaring above our heads as we sit in traffic—for a mere $250,000 per “vehicle.”

The flying car brings up the concept of crossing over (hence the name Transition) that has pervaded all new technology. Just like it’s hard to draw the line between your phone, computer, GPS, and iPod, it’s going to be hard to draw the line between your car and airplane. It has wings, but it can hit the highway too.

So, how’s this going to work exactly? One minute you’re in rush hour and the next you’re soaring above it? Not so easy. The greatest benefit will be being able to drive to an airport (where there’s a real runway) and take off without any hassle. Also, if you are on a remote road, you could do the same thing. Right after they work out the logistics—like proper air/road windshields and transitioning cars into air traffic control. For the fill story and pictures click here.