Convertibly Convenient? The Dilemma of the Roofless Car

In the hot summer months, convertibles look like heat traps and also like a fun, breezy beach road trip waiting to happen. They are high risk, high reward—the risk being that rush hour traffic could leave you roasting in your jeep without the roof and potential for cranking up the air conditioning. On the other hand, you will have a great tan, and some crazy wind-blown hair by the end of the trip. With many convertibles able to be “converted” during driving, the dilemma is less serious, but still a large consideration during the buying process. Future convertees must ask themselves— How often will I drive with the top down (thus getting the value for the extra money of purchasing the convertible)? Am I sensitive to the sun, particularly when it comes to my sight? Will my hot new Mustang convertible outweigh the nuisance of applying sunscreen every time I drive anywhere? (Umm…yes.)

Convertible drivers—What’s your opinion?