Waiting on Superman…or Lexus

While watching prime-time television the other day, I came across Lexus’ latest commercial marketing campaign. Before I knew it, an ordinary sedan was driving through a futuristic laboratory where the car was being upgraded in true Captain America fashion. The most striking and also the most obvious part of the commercial was the highly touted fuel technology on the latest generation of Lexus cars. Brace yourselves, not only can these cars run on gasoline, ethanol, electricity, but also… wait for it…futuristic fuels that haven’t even been invented yet!

I must confess I have my doubts that Lexus has accurately predicted what future fuel sources will be like (unless they are consulting a crystal ball we don’t know about) but their concept does show promise if they are able to effectively deliver on their pitch. Using a variety of fuel sources that will draw from fossil fuels, nuclear and coal driven electricity, ethanol, and futuristic fuel sources may allow consumers to access an abundance of fuel and not overly tax any one option.

Next thing we know cars will run on hopes and dreams and rainbows…or road rage.

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