Price vs. Professionalism (Across the Lot)

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What makes a Mercury Cougar worth $89k, Ford’s response to dealer incentive programs, and the debate on what really drives consumers to car dealers. Special Guest: Charlie Watson, Sales Consultant – Lebanon Ford

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Presented by: Lebanon Ford

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Special Guest: Charlie Watson, Sales Consultant – Lebanon Ford

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Show Notes

01:13 Listener responses to: “Should auto manufacturers discontinue the production of the manual transmission?”  Thanks to all of those who responded!

01:43 Jeff, Zach, and Charlie: Our thoughts on the death of the manual transmission

03:07 Off the Lot News and Notes

03:10 Zach: eBay Find of the Day: Mercury Cougar-turned-Veyron replica for $89K

09:32 Jeff: Ford kills off Blue Oval Certified dealer program

13:06 Discussion Topic: Does Price or Professionalism matter more when car shopping? -Survey Says Car Dealership Professionalism Trumps Price

(Forgot to put in the show) Question of the week: Is price or professionalism more important when car shopping?


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