OH, My Achin’ Back

For some, summer road trips aren’t about sign games, fast food drive thrus, and sunflower seeds. Instead, back pain can take the front seat and ruin a perfectly good ten hour trip to the beach. Spine-health.com attacks the problem before it starts, giving drivers and passengers strategies to dealing with pesky back pain provoked further by sitting in the car.

Use Rest Areas to Truly Rest
Don’t pass up rest areas. Instead, take a full twenty minutes or so to stop, take a brisk walk around, and do some stretches. Kick your leg up onto a bench for some quick hamstring stretches, and allow yourself the full amount of time to offset the hours in the car.

Pack Helpers
Bringing a small cooler equipped with an ice pack can help. Also have over the counter pain medication, like Tylenol, on hand, but avoid stronger prescription medications that may cause haziness behind the wheel. Other “helpers” could include a pillow to place behind your back. Companies also offer back support that can be added to drivers and passenger seats. The biggest helper, if you have a back up driver, can be the back seat—take a break and lay down.

Posture Perfect
Sit up as straight as possible, pull in your abs, and relax the shoulders. Do not lean over the wheel, or have it too far away to comfortable reach. Another important tip is to keep anything you may need to reach close—including sunflower seeds, your GPS, etc. Reaching can tweak an already tight back.

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