4 Highway Tips from the Day you Slept through Drivers School

driving imageWhile driving down a local two-lane highway the other day I realized that too often the tips drivers learn in driving school are forgotten or overlooked while navigating such thoroughfares. My experience went something like this—The lead car (Slowpoke) in the left “fast” lane was driving five miles under the speed limit and was essentially holding up what looked like a parade of cars. The number of horn honks and hand gestures from other cars made this a far from happy parade. To add to the drama one of the cars (Idiot) behind Slowpoke decided to execute the driving school taboo—a forbidden right lane pass.

As Idiot attempted to circumvent Slowpoke from the right lane, Idiot realized that he was approaching an 18 wheeler in the right lane and did not have enough room to execute the already dangerous maneuver. To no surprise Idiot decided to cut back into the caravan of cars in the left lane which caused the cars behind Idiot to slam on their brakes and for Idiot to nearly lose control of his own vehicle. While watching this event unfold, I thought of four main tips to consider while driving on two lane highways:

1.)   Always ride in the right lane unless you are passing another car
2.)   Always give at least two or more car lengths of space between you and other cars
3.)   Give way to faster cars behind you by moving to the slow lane.
4.)   Never pass a car using the right lane. It never ends well (think road rage, accidents, middle fingers).

For those who were wondering, Idiot who nearly caused the accident was heading to the same location I was and only got to his destination two car lengths ahead of my car.

[Photo Credit: Jim Corwin]