How to Receive More Value for Your Trade (Across the Lot)

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How to get the most money for your vehicle trade, what dealers look for most when appraising your trade, and how close Kelly Blue Book is to an actual trade in appraisal. Special Guest: Bill Nickell, Co-Director of Used Operations – Lebanon Ford

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Show Length: 26:41

Presented by: Lebanon Ford

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Special Guest: Bill Nickell, Co-Director of Used Operations – Lebanon Ford


Show Notes

00:30 Discussion Topic: What dealerships look for most when appraising your trade in.

  • 01:34 JC: What are some of the most important details you look at when appraising a trade?
  • 02:30 ZB: How close is Kelley Blue Book?
  • 03:33 JC: What is the used car market like right now?
  • 05:03 JC: What are steps people can take early on to get more out of their trade?
  • 05:36 ZB: Will cleaning your vehicle before appraisal earn you an extra $200-$300?
  • 06:25 JC: What is the best and worst trade in you’ve ever had to appraise?
  • 07:23 JC: Can you trade in something other than a car to put towards a purchase?
  • 08:00 ZB: Have you ever turned down a trade?
  • 08:28 JC: What is benefit of buying from a dealer over something like eBay or Craigslist?

11:30 Answers of the week from last week’s question: “Is price or professionalism more important when car buying?

14:11 Off the Lot News and Notes

14:15 Zach: White House Lowers 2025 CAFE Target to 54.5 MPG

Video: Jay Leno talks about the Chevy Volt

21:07 Jeff: Driving an Open-Top Convertible Will Cut your Gas Mileage

22:10 What is so cool about driving in a convertible anyway?

24:17 Jeff and his Dad’s Sebring convertible

25:20 Question of the Week: Are convertibles “cool” or “lame”?


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