As Temperatures Soar, Your Battery Drains

car battery imageAs temperatures soar out of control to upwards of 105 degrees, your air conditioner is not the only car part getting a sweaty workout– it is also important to consider the health of your car battery. According to car experts, extreme heat drains your car’s battery just like winter’s extreme cold. So, as the temperatures rise, track down your records– if your battery is older than three years pack a set of jumper cables in the trunk in the event the heat drains your battery. While a mechanic will gladly change your battery for their usual fee (click here for battery specials), this might be a good DIY project even for an amateur car fixer upper. With two bolts to handle and a simple guide book at most battery stores, carefully attempt this one to ensure a safe and unstuck summer ride.

[Photo Credit: Andy Armstrong]

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