Top 5 Ugliest State License Plate Designs

While stopped at a red light the other day the new “Beautiful Ohio” license plate caught my eye from the car in front of me. Since my car is still sporting the oh so stylish red, white, and bland plates from the past I had never really looked at the new design. Many of Ohio’s touchstones are represented–from the rolling hills, to the skyline, and even the red bi-plane crammed into such a small space. Whether you love or hate the new Ohio plate design, I thought to myself, you know, it could be worse. Below are the top 5 ugliest state license plates that dared to hit the road in 2011:

license plate image

Number 5: California– With a stark white background and a red script “California” at the top, one would think that a state that is home to miles of picturesque beaches, wine country, and Hollywood, California could at least muster some color or artistry on its plate.

vermont license plate


Number 4: Vermont– Yes we understand that you are “the Green Mountain State” but simply painting your plates green cannot possibly be considered creative.

delaware license plate


Number 3: Delaware– although this state decided to paint its plate black and gold, there is no design here either. And no, just because it was the first state does not excuse it from its own sense of style.

license plate image


Number 2: Michigan– Oh I get it; a blue “racing stipe” across the top of your plate makes it look sporty right? Wrong.


license plate pic

Number 1: Virginia-…Oh sorry I think I fell asleep for a second. Virginia, using block blue letters that say “Virginia” does little justice for your rich American heritage. Please go back to the drawing boards quickly!


What’s your vote for ugliest state plate?