Walking and Texting–The Next Major Cause of Death?

Have you ever been walking down the street and about 100 characters into an “important” text when your subconscious breaks in and says, “Hey idiot (insert own name), you haven’t looked up in front of you in a really long time and you soon may hit someone, run into something, or fall off an unending cliff!” Whether you err on the side of caution and actually look up or are asking for a broken nose via a pole, the fact remains that may people do get hurt from texting and walking. From these concerns, legislators are taking action against texting and walking as they haven in the past with texting and driving.

According to hospital records, in cities like New York, Chicago, and London, nearly 1 in 10 citizens have been injured while texting and walking. Knowing that policing texting and walking would be a tough feat, these cities have resorted to foam wrapping their street poles, eliminating obstacles, and have even installed motion activated speakers at street corners reminding pedestrians to look up and “be safe” while crossing. Regardless of the cities’ safety measures, it is clear to me that in two of the most advanced and well educated countries in the world (England and the U.S.) we still have to be talked to like children to simply cross the road carefully. Here is a great idea; next time texters and walkers/drivers get an urge to send an important message, don’t! Enjoy your commute by car or by foot, others –and your own nose– will thank you and hey who knows, the scenery may brighten your day.