Ford and Toyota: A Joint Venture?

In the past week it is clear that Americans are a little foggy with sportsmanship as a concept, shown most prominently through the all out brawl between the Georgetown University Basketball Team and the Chinese National Team who played on August 18th. Although no players were seriously injured, the fight definitely put a damper on the world wide “Goodwill Basketball Exhibition” that organizers were hoping for. Fortunately however, other Americans have found a way to show sportsmanship and even teamwork with China’s Asian neighbor Japan. According to the, Ford and Toyota have agreed to join forces in producing a hybrid truck and SUV line to be sold in the United States and Japan. According to the two titans CEO’s, both recognize that Ford produces one of the most successful truck and SUV line’s in the world and Toyota owns more patents on hybrid car engineering than any other manufacturer. While no designs have yet to emerge, the real question is, if not gasoline, how much electricity will these vehicles guzzle?