Part 2: To Lease or To Buy, That is the Question (Across the Lot)

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This is part two of a two part Across the Lot episode series. This week we will look at the financial aspects that should be considered when deciding to purchase or lease a vehicle. You can find last weeks discussion on the qualitative aspects of leasing and buying a vehicle here.

In this episode learn:

The financial differences between leasing and buying a vehicle, how Ford and Toyota have come together, and how we might be seeing more red light cameras.

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Show Length: 24:06

Presented by: Lebanon Ford

Lebanon Ford is a new and used car dealership located in Lebanon, Ohio, serving the greater Cincinnati and Dayton area. Lebanon Ford; Connect, Engage, Drive.

Special Guest: Kody Lowe, New Car Sales Manager – Lebanon Ford


Show Notes

00:45 Discussion Topic: Financial aspects of leasing and buying a vehicle

  • 00:51 JC Q1: Do I need good credit to lease a car?
  • 01:22 ZB Q2: What are the financial benefits of leasing over buying? Are there benefits of buying over leasing?
  • 02:33 JC Q3: Are 0% loan payments less than lease payments for the same car?
  • 03:06 ZB Q4: Is leasing a vehicle the same as renting?
  • 04:08 JC Q5: What options are on the table when you’re nearing your lease termination?
  • 04:34 ZB Q6: Is leasing to own a vehicle typically a bad idea?
  • 05:07 ZB Q7: Are there options for people who lease a vehicle and end up wanting out of it?
  • 06:15 JC Q8: Can a dealership “buy out” my current lease and get me into a new lease?
  • 06:59 JC Q9: What penalties are there for people who lease a vehicle and don’t maintain or take care of the vehicle?

You can find Kody Lowe at, by email at, or by phone at 513-932-1010

08:00 Answers of the week from last week’s question:  Do you like to lease or buy your vehicles? Why?

09:27 Off the Lot News and Notes

09:35 Jeff: Ford and Toyota: A Joint Venture?

11:55 Zach: Mayor Bloomberg pushes for traffic light cameras ‘on every corner’

19:28 Jeff: Toyota Yaris aimed at people who don’t care about cars

22:50 Question of the Week: Do you care about your car and how it looks?


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