Those Friday Night Lights

Whether you were on the field, in the band, in the stands, or hanging out under the bleachers (no judgment), the allure of a high school’s Friday night lights are undeniable. Such a place where football-playing boys are transformed into men and families, friends, and onlookers live vicariously through their team. Today (August 26th) is opening day for the 2011 high school football season in the Cin-Day corridor. All teams are hopeful and excited because tonight, everyone is ranked in first place, a zero and zero record. No doubt some teams will win and others will lose as the season progresses but there is nothing quite like the look on a high school boy’s face moments before the first football game of the season. These boys are nervous, excited, hopeful, but above all are playing the game because they love it, which is refreshing change to all the college and pro drama on the news.

So, for this weekend and the following weekends I challenge readers to go out and support your local high school’s football team by going to a game. The tickets are cheap (less than $10), the concessions are cheaper (less than $5), and the players play with more heart than on any other stage. Whether you travel by car, bicycle, or foot going out to a local football game gets you outside, is easy on the wallet, and is the answer to “What do you want to do tonight?”

*Most games start at 7:00pm but be sure to consult the team’s schedule that you plan on attending. Arrive at least a half-hour before the game if you plan on finding a seat.

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