Cincinnati Shows Reds Support Through Buying Fords

Have you ever been driving down the road when all of a sudden you feel like every car you pass is the same? Well, that feeling may be more true than you might have thought (especially for the Cincinnati area). According to a recent corporate Ford study on buying trends in the United States, Cincinnatians favorite Ford car color is red. Now, regardless of whether or not Cincinnati Ford dealers gave special discounts on red cars over the past year to support the baseball team (which they didn’t) the correlation between the color and team is quite interesting.

More interesting was how the study also revealed that Arizona Ford buyers preferred molten orange cars and Texans most frequently bought truck tow packages. Apparently culture, weather, and favorite sports teams have at least a subliminal pull on our car color and options choices.

What color is your car and does it reflect your personality or favorite sports team?