5 Types of Highway Drivers We Love to Hate

There are very few things in this world that truly make me angry. These things include losing socks in the dryer, finding an empty container of milk in the refrigerator, and not having hot water in the shower. Those few things aside, however, there is something that happens on a much more regular basis. Something that angers me more than any of those things put together.


More specifically, everyone else who happens to be driving at the same time as I am. If you are anything like me, you feel as if nothing is ever your fault when you are driving. (Even if it really is your fault)

This past holiday weekend I made a short road trip from Cincinnati to Chicago. During my travels I was faced with many frustrating situations on the road. And now, for you entertainment pleasure as well as my mental health, is a short list I compiled of the different types of highway drivers.

The “Anti Turn-Signalers”

Oh yes, don’t we all love these people. These are the people that think they can just merge in to any lane they want, any time they want, with no regard for anyone else on the road. They are driving, probably eating a hamburger and changing a CD at the same time and decide, “I’m tired of going slow in the left lane, I’m going to move over in to the right lane (which is another annoyance in itself), OH, and I’m not going to signal either.” Not only is it annoying that you think it is unnecessary for you to use your turn signal, it’s dangerous. It takes maybe two inches of movement to flick the turn signal on, so do it. And don’t forget to turn it off when you’ve made your lane change.

The “Blind Spot Sitters”

This happened at least 17 times during my trip. My exit is coming up and I need to get in to the right lane. Of course, there is someone sitting in my blind spot. So, like any other responsible driver out there should do, I put on my turn signal to let them know I would like to enter their lane. Now, at this point, the driver currently occupying my blind spot should slow down a little to allow me to get over. Did they? Well if they did I wouldn’t be writing this. Rather than slow down, they just continued to¬† ride in my blind spot which kept me from getting off my exit. I did my part by using my turn signal, do yours and let me over.

The “I’m Too Good to Wave and Say Thank You for Letting Me Overers

Of all the things that I experienced while driving this past weekend, this has got to be the most annoying. Because I understand how annoying it is to not be able to get over in to a lane you are trying to move in to, when I see someone else attempting to change lanes, I’ll slow down and allow them to get in front of me. I appreciate it when other people do this for me, so why not help other people out as well. Now when people do this for me, I make it a point to at least give them a “thank you” wave, and I make sure they see it at acknowledge that I appreciate their help. Whether I have to stick my arm out the sunroof or simply raise my hand up in the car, I make sure I do it every time. I found that most people didn’t even acknowledge that I made a conscious effort to help them out when letting them over. It doesn’t take that much effort, so next time someone goes out of their way to make your life easier, at least say thank you.

The “I Don’t Care How Fast You are Going in the Fast Lane, I Want to Go Fasterers”

This is especially annoying on two lane highways, which make up most of the Cincinnati to Chicago trip. When there is a lot of traffic, it is sometimes difficult to keep right and pass left. When the right lane is consistently occupied by fleets of semi trucks and elderly drivers, the left lane is sometimes your only option. Like most people, my speed limit is usually about 5-7 over the actual speed limit. But then there are people who like to pretend they are driving on the Autobahn in the middle of Indiana. The speed limit is 70 and I’m cruising at about 75. The right lane is occupied by trucks and I’m not even coming close to thinking about going any faster. But the guy behind me is. Despite the fact I’m going faster than I should, this driver feels the need to ride my bumper. I could speed up to 80 and I’d still be going too slow. And as soon as I get the chance to get over to let them pass, they slow down. I don’t get it.

The “I Know I Can Turn Right at This Red Light, But I’m Going to Sit Here and Not Move Insteaders”

This one goes more along with city driving, but is still a huge annoyance. Everyone knows you can turn right on red lights. If it is safe to make the maneuver and there is no sign stating that you can’t, then you are allowed to do so. Now I understand you are not required to make the turn, but when there are 5 other people behind you who are waiting to make the same turn, you might want to think about doing it. It creates a chain reaction of disgruntled drivers. I’m annoyed at you for not moving, while the guy behind me is annoyed at me for not honking at you for not moving. It creates an undesirable situation for everyone. This one isn’t really something that I get angry at to the point where I’m honking and yelling, but more just one of those things where you sit and say to yourself, “Really?, Just move already.” So really, if you can, turn right on red.


If you find yourself doing any of these things, maybe take a second to reconsider your actions while driving and think about how it’ll make someone else react. If we can all work together while driving, we can make it a much more pleasurable experience for everyone. That’s what driving should be about anyway, isn’t it?

Have you had any experiences with these types of people on the road, or are there other types of highway drivers that get on your nerves? Sound off in the comments section below and let me know!

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