Breaking the Stereotype: Car Salesmen (Across the Lot)

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How one car salesman is breaking away from the negative stereotype, the difference between car buying now and car buying 20 years ago, and how a casual trip to lunch turned into an enormous drug bust. Special guest Kevin McClellan, Sales and Leasing Consultant at Lebanon Ford.

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Show Length: 23:48

Presented by: Lebanon Ford

Lebanon Ford is a new and used car dealership located in Lebanon, Ohio, serving the greater Cincinnati and Dayton area. Lebanon Ford; Connect, Engage, Drive.

Special Guest: Kevin McClellan, Sales and Leasing Consultant – Lebanon Ford

Show Notes

00:43 Discussion Topic:Why Car Salespeople Carry a Negative Stereotype, Interview with Kevin McClellan

00:52 Q1: Why do you think people have a negative stereotype towards car salespeople?

01:51 Q2: Why do some car salespeople think they can take complete advantage of customers when they come to a dealership?

05:28 How dealership location plays a part in your dealership experience.

06:56 Background information on Kevin McClellan.

9:28 Customer service success stories from a seasoned salesperson.

11:30 The importance of going above and beyond.

14:12 Story of how Kevin (unknowingly) tried to sell a stolen truck back to it’s original owner and at the same turned his lunch break in to a drug bust.

You can contact Kevin McClellan at 513-932-1010 Ext. 129 or 513-317-6779 or by email at

22:10 Zach: Answers of the Week: What is the first step in your car buying process?

22:54 Zach: Question of the Week: Why do you feel car salesmen carry a negative stereotype?


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