The Intricacies of Car Karma

While sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-75 the other day, I began to think that life, or more specifically life while in or around your car has impeccably inopportune timing. To illustrate this lack of car karma, below is a list of a few examples that I have noticed over the years. Oh, by the way, I was late to a meeting while I was sitting in that traffic.

Why is it that:

1.) When getting in your car with a hot latté in your hand, there never is an unoccupied cup holder

2.) The trunk lid gets stuck when you have 95 and ½ bags in your hands

3.) The car alarm goes off when you are trying to inconspicuously slip out of a boring social gathering

4.) Your headlight goes out right before you pass a cop

5.) The gaslight comes on when you have only a few dollars in your wallet

6.) There are old gym socks in your backseat when you offer to drive on a night out with your friends

7.) You forget the frozen section groceries in the back seat especially when it’s 105 degrees outside

8.) A bird leaves a gift on your windshield when you are nearly out of windshield washer fluid

9.) It rains in a way that is too hard for your slowest wiper setting and too light for the next highest setting

10.) Anything you need always seems to fall under your seat

Whatever the reason, it is clear that at some point or another car karma will strike against you. The trick is to do right on the road and maybe the positive car karma will reward you.

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