Apps for your Ford?!?!

Just when you thought your new Ford had so many cool functions already (like hands free telephone, voice commands, and sync technology), Ford spokesmen have confirmed that a new “dash port” may be in its next line of cars. According to designers, the port (which is about the size of a cellphone) will either sit in or on your dash and perform a variety of functions. Possible features may include Heads up display on the windshield, a 4G-modem connection, and even apps that you can buy. Like today’s smart phones, one app in the design stage could allow drivers to purchase an audio tour that works through the car’s GPS and radio, pointing out sights and attractions.Designers and Ford agree that the possibilities are truly endless through Ford’s commitment delivering cutting edge technology to its customers.

Would you be interested in this type of technology and if so (with current phone apps in mind) what kind of car apps would you like to see available?