Introducing Lebanon Ford’s myTech Team

Lebanon, OH — This is Alex Cryder from the Lebanon Ford myTech Team here to introduce you to, well, your own Ford tech team. As a Lebanon Ford customer, you now have access to all of the services that myTech Team has to offer. We are here to help you with any of your in-vehicle technology questions. Whether you’re having trouble connecting your media player or you just want to learn more about your new toy, we’re here to help. We will pair any and all phones to your car so that the Sync system will recognize it. Your contacts will be downloaded into the vehicles memory so you can quickly access them by voice commands through Ford’s fancy voice detecting software. If you have any music on your phone or an app that plays music (such as Pandora) we will show you how to access that music with ease, and even watch YouTube videos with the help of your cars stereo (while you’re stopped of course). If you have MyFord Touch we will walk you through the interface and features so you can navigate through it like a pro and impress all your friends.

Vehicle set-up is a breeze

We will also set up your account, which will allow you to get the most out of your vehicle technology. With this account you have access to updates with Sync and Sync Services which gives you; directions, news, weather, traffic and even your horoscope (if that’s the kind of thing your in to). You will also get Ford 911 Assist. If you ever find yourself in a wreck, Ford 911 Assist will call, you guessed it, 911. Hopefully you will never need to use this feature, but it is nice to know that your Sync system will have your back in a bad situation.

We’re here for you…

The beauty of myTech Team is that we are here for you. This means that when you drive off the lot we aren’t in your rear view mirror getting smaller and smaller until we disappear for good, we are always right there if you need us. If you run into a hiccup with your new technology, you have many avenues to reach myTech Team. You can go old school and give us a call at 855-567-0440, you can go new school and shoot us an e-mail at [], or if you feel like seeing our beautiful faces, you can make a one-on-one appointment either at our Lebanon Ford dealership or schedule for us to come out to you. Yes you read that last part correctly, if for any reason you cannot make it in to our dealership, we can come to you. We are myTech Team and we…well… are your Tech Team whenever and where ever you need us.Lebanon Ford myTech Team


About myTech Team

Alex Cryder is myTech Team's lead representative. myTech Team™ is an exclusive Lebanon Ford service that believes every Ford owner should feel confident with in-vehicle technology. Contact myTech Team toll-free (855) 567-0440 OR *Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM; Saturday CLOSED; Sunday CLOSED. *times listed are eastern standard time.