Ford Unveils New Evos Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show

The Ford Evos is a concept car that Ford previewed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year. Ford is using the Evos to demonstrate the future of SYNC and how it will be more involved in your everyday life. While the exterior of the car will not see production, they are considering utilizing some of the features such as the slit headlamps and the coupe like sedan look for future models.

Ford Evos

The technology in the Evos will be able to tell if your meeting is running late and be able to set your clock alarm back so you can get some extra sleep. It will read traffic in real time and be able to find you an alternate route and then change the cars dynamics based on the new road you’re driving. Meaning if it’s a winding back road it will switch into a sportier feel so you can enjoy the ride more. It will even monitor your heart rate so when it reaches a certain level it will change the dashboard display to only read what is necessary. This technology isn’t too far off either; Ford is already developing this technology as we speak. The concept Ford Evos might actually be closer to reality than we think.

Check out the video below for more information on the Ford Evos, as well as an overview of all the new technology Ford plans to have in it.

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