How the 2012 Ford Focus Will Protect Your Car Doors


Don’t you hate it when a friend, co-worker, or pesky offspring decides that instead of simply opening their passenger door to exit your vehicle, they decide to fling the door wide open. Now whether or not this passenger is trying to make a dramatic exit out of your car before the board meeting, test the strength of your door hinges, or because they don’t know their own freakish strength, the fact remains that opening your car door that way is annoying. What can escalate this annoyance into rage or tears (whichever you prefer) is if your door hurls into a hard stationary object like another car or a street sign. Although this situation is termed “an accident” you as the driver have a dilemma on your hands. Do you:

A.)  Yell at the person which will make you look like one of those uber-clean park way out so nobody breaths on my car kind of people

B.)  You cry and instantly loose all of your self respect

C.)  Say nothing and replay that horrible sound your door made hitting that big truck over and over in your mind

Fortunately however, the 2012 Ford Focus will eliminate this problem. According to recent reports, the new line of Focus’ will come equipped with a mechanical bumper that deploys when the car doors open. The bumper is made of a soft rubber material and protects the entire edge of the door. So the next time you think about the health and safety of your car doors, rest assure that a 2012 Focus can meet your needs.

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