Ford Went Green With Ford Field

One of the big buzzwords around car manufactures these days is “green technology”.  Car manufacturers are producing green, manufacturing green, talking green, and going in all means of the word, green. What is most compelling however is when a manufacturer not only talks about going green but also backs up their claim. One such manufacturer that has gone above and beyond the call of duty in the green department is none other than the Ford Motor Company. In addition to producing the Ford Fiesta, a slue of hybrid cars, and an eco-boosted F-150, Ford has also gone green with the Detroit Lions Ford Field.

Originally constructed in 2002, Ford Field is a shining example of The Ford Motor Company taking their green commitment and going above and beyond the call of duty. Ford Field is equipped with:

  • Turf with over 25,000 recycled tires woven in for cushion
  • The incorporation of 75,000 feet of an already constructed building on the property
  • 30 million pounds of recycled steel in the ceiling and frame
  • Recycled glass covering the club level box windows
  • Bamboo (instead of a rarer wood lining the box level walls)
  • Recycled plastics in the bathroom stalls
  • High efficiency toilets

Clearly, Ford is not revolutionary for inventing any of these green technologies or the being the first to implement them. It is however, refreshing to know that the Ford Motor Company has delivered on their commitment to eco-friendly technology in all projects that bear their name.

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