Guess what season it is…It’s Camping Season!

Well it’s officially fall and for many of us that means camping season is here again. So if you are like me, you too will be pulling your tents, lamps, rope, coolers, and of course blow up mattresses out of the storage closet (rustic can only go so far). Now whether you are a novice camper or your last name is Coleman, there are some things you must consider for this season.

1.)  Locale: while we Americans are creatures of habit I challenge you to pack up your car and family and head to a new spot this year. By simply going on-line or asking around town, you may find a hidden gem in the in the tri-state area.

2.)  Activities in the surrounding area: While some prefer to sit around while they camp, those who are like me and need more action might want to Google the intended camp site to check out new activities that may be near by.  For instance I plan to go camping at a new spot in Kentucky and I just found out that a 3 hour treetop zip line facility is a mere 10 minutes from our site. On a side note that zip line goes upwards of 50 mph., needless to say I’m in.

3.)  This one is aimed more at the novice campers: make sure to double-check your intended site’s location and amenities. The last thing you want is to be surprised that you are stuck 3.5 feet from the bathrooms and have no electrical outlet.

Well campers, I wish you a happy and safe camping season and remember that you can make some great memories on a camping trip with friends or family. Above all, I hope you hop in your car and try something new, whether that is a new camping spot or camping altogether.

Catch you on the hiking trail, only you can prevent wildfires!