How to Fix Common Microsoft SYNC Connection Issues

Microsoft Sync Connection Issues

Lebanon Ford’s myTech Team aren’t strangers when it comes to technology. With that, we also know how frustrating it can sometimes be when it doesn’t work the way we want it to. So we’re here to help you through these technological hiccups and get you back to enjoying life alongside technology. So if you are having connection issues with your mobile device and Microsoft SYNC, here are some troubleshooting tips to getting things back to normal.

Bluetooth Connectivity issues

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your Bluetooth is set to on and that you don’t have any security settings up that will otherwise block SYNC from connecting to your phone. If connection issues persist then turn off your mobile device or try taking out the battery, wait awhile, then put it back in and start it up. Some phone companies update their firmware regularly. Always make sure your phone is up-to-date with the latest version. To do this, consult your phones user manual. If there are issues with your phonebook not downloading or missing contacts in your SYNC Phonebook, make sure your contacts on your mobile device are saved to your phone and not on a SIM card. SYNC cannot pull contacts from SIM cards; it can only pull them from what is saved on the phones hard drive. Sometimes SYNC will have issues with certain contacts because of a customized ringtone or a picture associated with that contact. While this issue is rare, the way to fix it is to take off the photo associated with the contact and change the ringtone to one of the factory ringtones.

Audio issues

We also realize that music is a key component to the driving experience, and sometimes SYNC doesn’t want to communicate with your media player. If you’re using voice commands to access your music library and SYNC is not recognizing your commands, go on to your device and make sure your song library is filled out completely. This means that all your songs are spelled correctly and have an artist and album associated with them. Make sure that the artist and album names are the same and spelled correctly for all the songs it is associated with. If there are misspellings, the SYNC system will not be able to recognize the words you are saying with a particular artist, album, or song. Also make sure you are using the right media source in your car. If you’re using the USB port, make sure that the screen reads “USB”. If you’re using the Line in, make sure the screen reads “Line In”. You can select these by using SYNC Voice Commands to say “USB” or “Line In” when it prompts you to say a command. Or you can go in manually and “Select Source” from the “Media Menu”. Remember, you can only select specific artists, songs, playlists, ect, through a hardwired connection. It will not work if you’re listening to your media device through Bluetooth Audio, but you can still use the play/pause voice commands through Bluetooth Audio.

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If you have any questions or you still can’t correct your connection issues, myTech Team is here to help. Feel free to contact us at 855-567-0440 or email us at We can help you troubleshoot your issue over the phone, and if necessary set up a one-on-one appointment with you to help solve your issue.

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