How to Fix Common iPhone iOS4 Sync Issues

iphone sync connection issues

I think we can all agree that iPhones are pretty popular. You can’t walk into a mall without seeing someone looking down at those pearl white rectangular devices. Now it seems to be “Apple culture” to buy the latest and greatest Apple product. If you have the pleasure of owning an iPhone with iOS4 and also happen to own a Ford vehicle with Ford Sync, you might encounter some issues connection issues.

The Issue

The iOS4 update with apples iPhone4 has caused some issues with Ford Sync technology. You can simply type in “iPhone4 Ford Sync” in Google and get a whole slew of forums with people having issues. Issues can range from your phonebook not downloading to the phone actually crashing the Sync technology. Now I know this all sounds pretty dire, but it’s ok. Apple has recognized the situation and reads what is being said on their forums and are in the process of fixing these common issues. The Apple iOS5 update is being rolled out soon and will hopefully come along with a fix for the Sync issues.

The Solution

Until then there are ways to make your car riding experience a little less frustrating. A popular one that seems to work when you’re having issues with your phonebook is to only download your “Favorites” instead of the entire phonebook that’s on your device. To do this go into Settings, General then into your Bluetooth menu, under devices look for Sync, once you find Sync, click the arrow next to it and this will bring up a new window. Once here make sure that you’re “Favorites” button is slid to “On” and then go further down and click “None” under “Other Groups”.  Now when you sync up your phone it will only download your favorite contacts.

Contact Us

If you are having other issues or this doesn’t seem to work for you, have no fear, myTech Team is always here to help solve your in vehicle technology troubles. Feel free to contact us via phone at 855-567-0440 or send us an email at We can help you troubleshoot your issue over the phone, and if necessary set up a one-on-one appointment with you to help solve your issue.

Stay tuned for more articles covering connectivity issues with Android devices and Blackberry devices.

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  • stephen

    my phone wont pair with sync

  • stephen

    did u get a answer cos i have the same problem now

  • Keshia

    I can make phone calls and the car can read my text messages but pandora does not work wirelessly through the car. When I say Bluetooth audio it tells me there are no devices. How is that possible when I’m paired with the car. Pandora only works if I use a usb cord. I love my car but I’m very frustrated. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Devyn Nicole Kent

    My iPhone 5 fully connects to my sync in my Ford Fusion but the connection itself is fuzzy and noisy. It sounds like static and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Help!