A Car for a Birthday Gift: Great Idea?!?!

In honor of my fiancé’s 24th birthday today, I thought to myself, what is the best birthday gift I could ever get him? After pondering a variety of “man things”, I found my answer, a car. While I am not saying that I have the money to buy him a car or that he even deserves one, I have to admit a brand new Ford F-150 or a Mustang GT would probably make his day or year or life. While these thoughts of cars (and more realistic gifts) swirled through my head I realized that maybe a car is not as great of a gift as I had thought. And come to think of it, a gifted car could bring up many hard to answer questions:

1.)  Who really pays for it: Am I supposed to pay the down payment and slap a ridiculously huge bow on it like you see in those smiley Christmas commercials or do I have to pay the whole thing?

2.)  What if it’s not exactly what he wants: Does this said car come with a gift receipt?

3.)  What about the male ego: While this subject is in itself obnoxious, will he drive it or because I bought it for him will he feel that he didn’t earn it?

4.)  Who drive’s it: Can I claim driving rights whenever I want because I either paid the down payment or paid for the entire car?

5.)  Lease or buy: If I lease do I look cheap or if I buy will I be locked into a long contract?

6.)  Hiding it: Who has a closet that big?

7.)  What about setting the bar too high: While I love my fiancé dearly, wouldn’t buying him a car be setting the bar a bit high? I mean this isn’t an episode of My Super Sweet 16 on MTV or anything.

Well, what I know from all this is that while a car may be a great gift for some, it isn’t always as ideal gift as I once thought. Maybe I’ll get him a matchbox car or a few car brochures next year.