How Will I Ever Clean This Car?

Whether you drive the cleanest car on the block or your backseat resembles a hoarders house, we all can appreciate a clean car. However, many of us either don’t have the time, the energy, or the perseverance to clean their entire car regularly. So with all of this in mind, here are five quick and tips that you can use today that will help keep your car in order:

1.)  Take one piece of trash with you every time you leave your car: whether it is a cup, a bottle, or even an entire bag of take-out food, if you grab one thing each time you exit your car, the trash will quickly disappear.

2.)  Put a box of wipes inside your middle console: The next time you are stopped in a traffic jam on I-75 or are waiting for someone in a parking lot, take a wipe out and clean your dash and steering column. With a few quick swipes the most visible dust in your car can be gone.

3.)  Put a cup in one of your cup holders or your middle console to hold odds and ends. The next time you are searching you car (and swerving) to find a pen, pencil, or quarter, your search will become a lot easier.

4.)  Go to Mike’s Carwash once a month. They use hot water, which helps take the dirt and crime off your car, and the wash takes less than 10 minutes.

5.)  Invest in an air freshener.  For a few dollars you can take your car from smelling like a locker-room to a fresh country meadow. By the way, don’t put it around your rear view mirror; hide it under seat to save your dignity.


Please share any quick tips that you have to keep your car clean and fresh.