10 Easy Steps to Setup your Blackberry Device with Ford SYNC [Video]

blackberry ford sync

When it comes to syncing up a BlackBerry with Fords SYNC and it can get tricky. This is where most people have their issues with this device and SYNC. Well will go through step-by-step on setting up your Bluetooth and connection with Ford SYNC. With the BlackBerry there are a few more steps needed in order to pair up so make sure you read carefully. I’ve listed them below in 10 easy steps:

1. First off you need to go into Manage Connections

Blackberry step 1

2. Make sure Bluetooth is checked.

3. Scroll down and click on Bluetooth Options, this will take you to a different screen.

4. Click the Menu button on your phone and select Options.

5. You want to set Discoverable to Yes

6. Press the back key and save the changes made

7. Hit the Menu key again and select Add Device

 8. Then select Search.

 9. Now once your device is synced up you’ll see this screen

10. Select the Menu button and then select Device Properties.

You can now make SYNC a trusted device which means your phone will automatically sync up with the car when you get in. To do this select the drop down box across form Trusted and select Yes.

 You can leave the selection on Prompt if you want your phone to always ask you if you to connect with SYNC.

It is a little more complicated than the iPhone and Android systems but BlackBerry communicates well with the Ford SYNC and rarely has any issues. It’s good to remember that not all BlackBerry interfaces look exactly the same. Some might look a little different than this one but the steps are roughly the same.


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