The 2011 Ford Fusion Is One Safe Car

Did you know that the 2011 Ford Fusion is equipped with:

Standard Front airbags for the driver and passenger

Standard Full-length side curtain airbags

Standard SOS Post-Crash System (activates hazard lights and horn in an accident)

Standard Blind-spot limiting mirrors

Standard Five Seat 3 Point Seatbelts (that received the IIHS top safety pick)

 And, that airbag gently cushions your body during impact by creating a barrier between your body and your car at 200mph, which is as fast as:

A Jumbo Jet

A Funny Car dragster

And a Diving Falcon

Which is:

2/3 the speed of sound

Twice as fast as Aroldis Chapman fastball

Nearly twice as fast as a car can legally drive

13 times faster than a hot air balloon

And 167 times faster than the average sloth.

The take away point here is that the 2011 Ford Fusion received a perfect score from the IIHS for safety. The car is equipped with the latest and greatest in car safety technology and thankfully the airbags on the Fusion have reflexes much faster than the average sloth, hot air balloon, or Aroldis Chapman’s fastball on his best day.