Where Did All the Grill Guards, Spinner Rims, and Neon Lights Go?

As the years go by, we all look back at our past and think, where did, that craftsmanship, those great movies, those great stories, and those great years go. While driving around town the other day, I couldn’t help but think that the same framework applies to many car accessories that have gone by the wayside as well. I was wondering:

Where did all the grill guards go?

About 10 years ago every truck and SUV around had one. They served a dual purpose, to look cool and protect the vehicle’s grill from any low brush or tree limbs a person might encounter while rolling through the American suburbs. However, with the recent influx of tigers, bears, and giraffe’s into the Columbus area, maybe those grill guards should come back. I mean one cannot be too careful.

What about spinner rims?

Originally thought of as the wheel bling of the future, few if any are on the road anymore. Did we get tired of this flash accessory, or do we metaphorically feel that we as a country are no longer perpetually moving forward even while sitting at a red light? Or maybe these rims just ran out of juice, (most on the road anymore don’t move at all) which kind of defeats the purpose.

Where are all the undercarriage lights on the imports?

A few years ago a Friday night would not go by without seeing a cornucopia of neon reds, blues, greens, and pinks eliminating the space below many cars. Did they just fall out of style or is changing that light bulb too much work?

While car accessory styles clearly come and go I can’t help but ask, what is around the corner? A bubble wrapped car, a trading card in the rim spokes, I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.