Ford to Upgrade More Models to Include Text Support

Ford Sync MAP Update

Are you one of those people who are always texting and driving and you just happen to have Microsoft SYNC in your vehicle? If so you’re in luck, because Ford is now making Message Access Profile (MAP) Bluetooth support available in more vehicles. This means that more of Ford’s vehicle line-up will have the ability to read aloud your text messages and even your email messages through your stereo, as long as you have your phone connected to your vehicle.

MAP is still dependant on the people who develop your phone so if the feature wasn’t included in your phone you  will not be able to use the feature. It is good to hear though that more phone manufacturers are adopting MAP which means you’ll start seeing more phones in the future have the ability to connect to your email messages, text messages and multimedia messages through Bluetooth. There is currently a list of mobile phones that the Ford Motor Company has tested with Microsoft SYNC, which you can find by clicking here. There you can see what phones Ford knows support text messaging through Bluetooth among other compatibility tests they have run.

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