How iPhone’s Siri Completes Microsoft Sync

Siri and Microsoft Sync

Nearly everyone is excited about the new iPhone 4S, and even more importantly Siri. Siri is Apple’s new voice recognition system that allows you to navigate your phone using your voice. Unlike other voice recognition systems, Siri recognizes anything you say in any phrase rather than having to use predetermined voice commands that are individually programmed in to the system.  Where previous iPhone owners were unable to have text message support through their SYNC system, current iPhone 4S owners will now be able to use the feature via Siri, who is able to create, read, and send not only text messages, but also emails and tweets.

Now, there is no way to access Siri from the steering wheel and it doesn’t look like Ford is planning to integrate Siri into the design of their vehicles. So, you will have to access Siri the same way you do outside of the car. To access Siri all you have to do is press and hold the home button on your iPhone. From there Siri will communicate with SYNC the same way your phone does when making a call. This means any music you are currently playing will fade out and be paused and Siri will be heard through your car’s speakers. You use the microphone in your vehicle to communicate with Siri as you normally would using the system. When you’re done talking to Siri, you can close the program by holding the end call button on your vehicle’s steering wheel or by pressing the home button on you iPhone.

With Microsoft SYNC and Siri at your vocal commands, you will feel like you’ve stepped into the future.

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