Reproduction Cars: Cheating Or A Practical Option?

Today, Friday October 28th 2011, The Ford Motor Company unveiled its much-anticipated official 1965 Convertible Mustang reproduction shell. According to Ford, the shell is completely accurate to the ’65 but has modern technology (including lighter metal and better welding techniques). The shell will cost $15,000, can be directly shipped to your home, and allows a Mustang enthusiast to have a piece of history without having to track down an original shell (which may require a lot of extra time and work to restore). Ford also states that all other reproduction parts for the ’65 Convertible Mustang is available directly through Ford and can be purchased separately (for more information on the shell check out the article here).

While it is an exciting opportunity to have such a piece of history with less work and money, I have to wonder, what about authenticity? Part of the joy in owning a muscle car is its originality. When considering going with the “kit car” option, one must ask themselves will you pass this off as an original if someone asks you about it? Or will it bother you if another Mustang enthusiast sees your car and gives you that “you and I both know this isn’t an original look?”

I’m not saying that a reproduction ’65 Mustang Convertible is a bad idea, because honestly finding an original ’65 that is worth restoring may be a daunting task. I am however saying that if you are going with this option, you must consider the pros and the cons of such a purchase.

Take away point: if you are in the market for a pony car: know your budget, know how much time you are willing to invest in the project, and check your ego. If you are one of those people who buy an import car or truck and are always preemptively justifying to your friends how it is “just as good as the American version” you might want to rethink a reproduction. However, if you are confident with a reproduction and your ego, than have at it. Besides if you opt for the kit car you can wave to the person who is still stuck in his/her driveway with half a car and a cell phone in their hand trying to find an original Mustang truck lid in Texas.

What do you think, buy the kit or original all the way?