How the Future of Driving is Being Paved by Google

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The Future of in-vehicle technology is here

The dreams of having a vehicle that completely drives itself are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. And who better to head the development of such technology than tech giant Google. Google has been working on driverless cars for quite some time now, and at Web 2.0 they announced that they want their driverless cars to reach the 1,000,000 unassisted mile mark. This may seem a little crazy, but Google’s driverless cars have actually already reached 1,000 incident free miles without any intervention from humans. Google mapped out the 1,000 miles and drove the route in 100 mile segments. Altogether, their cars have traveled nearly 160,000 miles. Google has stated that there has been some human intervention during those thousand miles and that there was an incident that resulted in a minor fender bender; however the incident was a result of the human interaction and not the technology that is supposed to be guiding the vehicle along its route.

Here’s how the technology works

So how does this technology work? These special vehicles are outfitted with four radar systems that contain custom lasers that are mounted on the roof of the vehicle. These vehicles are of course also outfitted with GPS trackers to help it know where to go. Check out the video below and watch how Google’s driverless vehicles are paving the way of the future of driving as we know it…

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